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The Cha Spa Pledge

  • No Acrylics. Only UV Gels
  • UV Gel is also great for strengthening your natural nail, while allowing your nails to grow
  • All tools and implements are sterilized and sealed before usage
  • No smell. No one wearing protective masks
  • Pedicure bowl with new plastic covering for every single service
  • All tools cleaned and sanitized in sanitary pouches
  • Files, buffers and pumices for a one time use only
  • Serving organic herbal tea, juices and more

Cha Spa ensures the highest degree of care and hygiene for the safety and welfare of all our customers to include:

Use of a hospital/dental-grade autoclave, a super-high heat sterilization chamber typically deployed in medical settings, laboratories, and other places that need to ensure the sterility of any metal implement. We have made this surgical-grade sterilization investment for our customers’ safety.

All implements are autoclaved and are sealed in a personal pouch opened for your use only for that particular service. These are not re-used until autoclaved once again and sealed in accordance with procedures defined by the American Medical Association.

There is no plumbing-connected foot basin where often hard or impossible to reach drains and pipes harbor bacteria. Instead, for each pedicure a dedicated water basin is filled with a one time-only plastic liner.

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