Announcing: NEW to Los Angeles and it's NOW happening at Cha Spa!

Healthy Hair Begins with a Healthy Scalp

Revitalize your scalp for stronger, healthier hair with unique technologies, the best products and hands-on craftsmanship.

  • Removal of dead skin oils for better appearance
  • Resists dandruff for cleaner look and smell
  • Makes hair shinier and healthier
  • Unclogs oily scalp pores for more robust hair growth
  • Balance and neutralize the alkaline on the scalp
  • Lifts fascia making the face tighter and more youthful


$9945 minutes
  • Scalp micro analysis with scope and monitor display
  • Deep scalp cleansing shampoo massage
  • Oil & dead skin removal
  • Conditioner application
  • Scalp Hydro therapy rinse


$14960 minutes
  • Includes Bronze, plus:
  • High frequency instrument for antibacterial hair care
  • Microcurrent ion follicle care stimulation
  • Scalp essential oil, rejuvenation treatment
  • 2nd light shampoo & conditioner


$20990 Minutes
  • Includes Bronze & Silver, plus:
  • Negative ion oxygen infusion
  • Antibacterial, soothing infusion
  • Scalp low-level laser therapy, regeneration
  • Nano hair care serum application
  • Face hot towel massage