A first in Los Angeles From Japan and Korea, and now at Cha Spa!

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A deep dive into this beauty urban legend.

“It’s been in Japan for many decades. It’s taken that long to get here but it’s here. To stay. I say it works”

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Scalp, hair and head treatments are the rage.

“Just ask Bridgette Hill, also known as The Scalp Therapist, a trichologist and colorist at Paul Labrecque Salon & Spa.”

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A Visit to the Head Spa

“So when I heard about a treatment from Japan known as “head spa,” I had to try it. It’s a facial for the scalp and hair, and it’s making its way to the United States.”


Head scratcher: scalp care is booming, but will it make a hair of difference?

Scalp health starts with hair washing, which should be done once or twice a week. More than that will strip the natural oils and barrier, which can lead to inflammation.


The Viral Japanese Scalp Treatment That Promises Thicker Hair and Better Sleep—Here’s How It Went

The benefits of Head Spa extend beyond cosmetics. Yes, shiny strands and a fuller mane are nothing to sneeze at, but she is much more interested in the stress relief and sleep aid side effects.

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Atlanta’s latest trend: Professional scalp massage at head spas

My hair was shiny and bouncy and, true to Mannelly’s promise, I didn’t need to wash my hair for many days after, a novelty to me.

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Head Spas are a Growing TikTok Trend for Enhanced Scalp Health

Head spas are a popular new trend in the spa and wellness space. The ancient Japanese and Chinese therapy includes a scalp analysis followed by head and neck massages and repeated deep cleanses, per the LA Times.

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The luxury L.A. treatment reveals the health of your scalp

Scalp treatments have been an integral part of wellness culture for centuries in many parts of Asia, including in China, Japan, Vietnam and Korea. In China, head spas are so common that “there’s one on every street,” Chen said.

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Why Having a Healthy Scalp Is the Secret to Good Hair Days

‘New discoveries in wellness have uncovered that balancing the body’s microbiome is key to overall wellbeing,’ explains Judy Nguyen, a chemist at Living Proof. ‘It’s not just about your gut—the same is true for your skin, including your scalp.